[PD] pdp_ieee1394: grabber,initialization failed

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Apr 13 15:40:20 CEST 2005

c´mon, you can even admit your modifications are poorly documented,
poorly tested and just don't work,
yeh, i'm not loosing time anymore on this
( but you crashed some stuff in cvs, for sure ).

if anyone put it to work, let me know.


Selon james tittle <tigital at mac.com>:

> On Apr 13, 2005, at 8:22 AM, ydegoyon at free.fr wrote:
> >>> the point is, if you submit code without having testing it on linux,
> >>> it's a nonono..... lack of respect for real workers.
> >>
> >> ...Really, this is just farcical that you imagine that all changes
> >> checked in are to be tested so widely..
> >
> > no!!! it's not.
> ...yeh, good dialogue there:  point/counterpoint, I like...it's
> generally understood that cvs head (or as some people say, "top of
> tree") is potentially unstable...it's a simple matter to regress to the
> previous version, and I think you miss the point of collaboration; that
> is, "people working together on a single project"...
> >>> i asked you _many_ times to send me your code so that
> >>> i can check it myself AND YOU NEVER DID...
> >>
> >> ...oh, I did send you the code, and I assumed that you had looked at
> >> it
> >> when you gave IOhannes the ok (when you were recently in graz) to give
> >> me cvs access...but I guess that assumption was way wrong, oh well...
> >
> > sorry, i might loose some bits of memory,
> > but you just sent me a link to you site
> > without much explanation and _not_ the right gem
> > to make it work or test it.
> ...yeh, I didn't send you a patched version of pd for osx either...I
> did mention that you needed the cvs head for gem...
> > it's also true i was quite busy and didn't have much time to dig into
> > it.
> > ( don't forget FADAIAT 2 : http://www.fadaiat.net )
> ...wow, never heard of it, so how would I remember it?  And please
> don't expect that I have any more time to fool with this/you:  I
> suspect that all the developers on pd are "quite busy"...
> > barking avoid you to bite.
> ...more like a flamethrower:  napalm keeps things from growing.
> > i'm _not_ sorry,
> ...well, you already did just above, but with your demeanor, it's not
> expected:  if you can't admit you just fly off the handle, you'll just
> keep repeating the same tired behaviors and further alienate yourself
> from people who tried to collaborate...
> > but best,
> ...sure (starts working on other fruitful collaborations)
> james

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