[PD] PD all over the place OS X

justin c. rounds anism at justincrounds.org
Wed Apr 13 18:53:38 CEST 2005

here's what i did and i'm pretty happy with my setup:

1. downloaded the installer from 

2. ran the installer in my "Documents" directory -- now i have a 
"Pd-0.38-3.app" in there that i can double-click to start up pd, or 
launch from the dock (which is what i do currently)

3. downloaded the pdp_pidip_osx.tar.gz from 

4. extracted it to my "Documents" directory -- this gives me 
"pdp_pidip_osx" directory with "sw" and "usr" directories in it

5. there is an "INSTALL_NOTES.txt" file in the 
"usr/local/lib/pd/pdp_pidip_osx" directory, but the directions there did 
n't work for me (but maybe they will work for you), so i just copied 
whatever directories and files i didn't already have to my /sw and /usr 

6. i made the .pdrc file in my home directory as detailed in the 
"INSTALL_NOTES.txt" file

7. started xserve (i am assuming you already have this installed from 
apple's installer or dev tools), then launched the pd app with a 
convenient double-click and bingo -- pdp and pidip libraries are loaded 
(along with gem since that gets installed by the pd installer)

no building or fink or anything, and so far everything seems to be working.

Nicholas Ward wrote:
> Hi,
> Ive no idea how to compile stuff but would really like to get PD GEM PDP 
> and PiDiP running on my machine. Powerbook OS X 10.3.7
> I have PD 0.37 installed with bits of files all over the place. Its a 
> mess. Could anyone recommend an installer or a set of instructions to me 
> to get this going. Will I have to use fink? Cause thats where it all 
> went crazy last time I tried the pidip bit. At this stage Id like to 
> delete usr/local/pd and usr/local/lib/pd and begin afresh.Would deleting 
> the sw folder get me back to where I was before fink went mad? Any 
> suggestions would be most welcome.
> thanks
> nicky
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