[PD] streaming audio

Niklas Saers niklas at registrar.no
Wed Apr 13 21:04:50 CEST 2005

I'm setting up a linux box that I want to stream audio to and from. In a 
while, I will want to connect three of my fellow students who are 
connected to the same LAN, one Windows user. I've been trying out 
stream[in/out]13~ as ggee didn't compile up on my OS X installation. The 
setup is:

osc~ 440                         [connect 8008]
streamout13~ 8008 1
<number box saying 1 or 0>

streamin13~ 8008
dac 1

The server connects, and "netstat -w 1" says that roughly 90kb/sec is 
passed over my network. No audio comes out of the OS X box, though 
"compute audio" is on on both boxes. Testing the Linux box with a dac~, 
I get to know that osc~ works as expected. Doing an env~ and feeding it 
to a number box gives me a constant zero.

Is stream[in/out]~ a good tool for what I'm trying to do? If not, what 
tools should I be examining? If so, any clues to what I might be doing 



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