[PD] building all external on linux

cyrille cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Thu Apr 14 01:22:59 CEST 2005

Hans-Christoph Steiner a écrit :
> Excellent!  I just compiled it on Darwin/MacOS X and it works fine.   
thanks, i did not have time to test it on other computer than mine.
i'm really happy you spend time to test it for me. what a nice 
collaboration on the pure data open source community.

> The help files need to be added to, I wrote a little blurb in  
> externals/build/README about it, but externals/build/doc/makefile  
> should be self-explanatory.
ok, i'll look at it (soon(?)).

> Now if we could convince you to build pmpd as individual objects...
like gunter say :

 >Therefore I think it would be better to have single externals in all
 >cases where there is no shared code.

I aggree with him.

i think pmpd has a unity, like gem or pdp, and that spliting it in 
differents files is not very good. (unlike libs of trully eparate objects)

if a nameclash occure with pmpd, then it would be better not to load 
pmpd (using mass without link is non-sens)

in fact, the interactor equations are in the mass objects, so spliting 
pmpd as individual objects would generate lot's of problems.
So i don't think it's a good idea to split pmpd (at least not yet)

anyway, i think the build system is really important for pd in lot's of 
points. So i'll split pmpd if this could help the build system.
(but pmpd is build like a single object, so it's very easy to include it 
in the build system as it is now)

oh, i also have to say that the new physical modeling object (made by 
nicolas) are not add to pmpd, but build as separate objects, because 
they really are single objects. (you can now do physical modeling 
without pmpd)
hum. they use flext because i think open source is sharing idea, 
informations, or code to the most peoples possible, and that i'm happy 
to share this object to the max community.



> .hc
> On Apr 12, 2005, at 8:37 PM, cyrille wrote:
>> hello,
>> I came back to my original question,
>> the build system worked great, and it is very usefull.
>> now that i understand the way it works, i commmited a line3.c and  
>> pmpd.c in build/src/ that are working as expected.
>> so, you should now be able to compile pmpd with the rest of the  
>> externals...
>> cyrille
>> Tim Blechmann a écrit :
>>>> Write them with toxy!  Check out carmen's extensions/gui/ix nice 
>>>> GUI   objects.  No headers or even compilation necessary.
>>> great idea ...
>>> but, how does toxy interact with the gui ... maybe by including  
>>> private headers?
>>> a grep -Ir g_canvas.h * in pd/externals gives:
>>> bbogart/entry/entry.c:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> bbogart/popup/popup.c:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> build/include/CVS/Entries:/g_canvas.h/1.4/dummy timestamp from  
>>> new-entry//D2005.
>>> build/include/m_pd.h:#define t_array struct _array       /*  
>>> g_canvas.h */
>>> ext13/kalashnikov.c:/*#include "g_canvas.h"*/
>>> ext13/sfread.c.~ "g_canvas.h"
>>> ext13/m_pd.h:#define t_array struct _array         /* g_canvas.h */
>>> ext13/pipewrite~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ext13/sfread.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> footils/knob/knob.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/fatom.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/gcanvas.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/toddle.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/slider.c:#include "g_canvas.h" /* for widgetbehaviour */
>>> ggee/gui/envgen.h:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/ticker.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/button.c:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> ggee/gui/sliderh.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> ggee/gui/image.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> grill/dyn/config-pd-linux.txt.~1.5.~:# (the normal header file  
>>> doesn't work as g_canvas.h is not there)
>>> grill/dyn/dyn_pd.h:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> grill/dyn/.#config-pd-linux.txt.1.5:# (the normal header file 
>>> doesn't  work as g_canvas.h is not there)
>>> grill/dyn/config-pd-darwin.txt:# where are the PD header files?  
>>> (m_pd.h, m_imp.h, g_canvas.h)
>>> grill/dyn/config-pd-linux.txt:# where are the PD header files?  
>>> (m_pd.h, m_imp.h, g_canvas.h)
>>> grill/flext/configure.ac:dnl check for g_canvas.h in pd folder
>>> grill/flext/configure.ac:AC_CHECK_FILE("$sysdir/g_canvas.h",,[echo  
>>> "$sysdir/g_canvas.h not found" && exit 1])
>>> grill/flext/source/flattr_ed.cpp:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> grill/flext/source/flbase.cpp:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> grill/configure.ac:dnl check for g_canvas.h in pd folder
>>> grill/configure.ac:AC_CHECK_FILE("$sysdir/g_canvas.h",,[echo  
>>> "$sysdir/g_canvas.h not found" && exit 1])
>>> grill/dyn_py/config-pd-darwin.txt:# where are the PD header files?  
>>> (m_pd.h, m_imp.h, g_canvas.h)
>>> grill/dynext/src/main.cpp:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> grill/dynext/config-pd-linux.txt.~1.1.~:# (the normal header file  
>>> doesn't work as g_canvas.h is not there)
>>> grill/dynext/config-pd-linux.txt:# (the normal header file doesn't  
>>> work as g_canvas.h is not there)
>>> grill/flext-0.4.7/configure.ac:dnl check for g_canvas.h in pd folder
>>> grill/flext-0.4.7/configure.ac:AC_CHECK_FILE("$sysdir/ 
>>> g_canvas.h",,[echo "$sysdir/g_canvas.h not found" && exit 1])
>>> grill/guitest/flgui.h:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> iemlib/src/iemlib2/iem_send_kernel.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> iemlib/src/iemlib2/dollarg.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> iemlib/src/iemlib2/iem_anything_kernel.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> iemlib/src/iemlib2/iem_prepend_kernel.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> iemlib/src/iemlib2/iem_receive_kernel.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> iemlib/src/iemlib2/iem_append_kernel.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/toxy/plustot.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/toxy/tot.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/toxy/widget.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/toxy/plustot.env.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/hammer/pv.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/hammer/comment.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/hammer/coll.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/hammer/Table.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/hammer/universal.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/sickle/capture.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/cyclone/sickle/Scope.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/toxy/scriptlet.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/unstable/forky.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/unstable/fringe.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/common/port.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/common/vefl.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/hammer/gui.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> miXed/shared/hammer/file.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> pdogg/oggcast~/oggcast~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> pdogg/oggamp~/oggamp~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> pidip/modules/pdp_compose.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> pidip/modules/pdp_colorgrid.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> pidip/modules/pdp_cmap.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> pidip/modules/pdp_ctrack.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/grid/grid.c.~1.6.~:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/grid/grid.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/grid/.#grid.c.1.6:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/blinkenlights/blinkenlights.c:#include 
>>> "g_canvas.h"         /* some pd's graphical functions */
>>> unauthorized/cooled~/cooled~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/filterbank~/filterbank~.h:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/pianoroll/pianoroll.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/audience~/audience~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/mp3amp~/mp3amp~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/exciter/exciter.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/probalizer/probalizer.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/sonogram~/sonogram~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/sonogram~/sonogram~-joge.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/sonogram~/sonogram~-yves.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/scratcher~/scratcher~.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/speex~/speexin~.c:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> unauthorized/playlist/playlist.c:#include "g_canvas.h"
>>> unauthorized/mp3live~/mp3fileout~.c:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> unauthorized/mp3live~/mp3streamin~.c:#include <g_canvas.h>
>>> cheers ... tim
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