[PD] Logitech Quickcam Gem OS X

David Kendall dkendall at calarts.edu
Fri Apr 15 20:59:58 CEST 2005

I was wondering if anyone has had experience using the Logitech Quickcam
Pro 4000 on OS X with GEM, and [pix_video]. I just bought that camera, and
I can get it to work with iCamShare, but with Pd I get no input and ths
error message repeated over and over again:

GEM: pix_videoDarwin: no video yet
pix_videoDarwin: SGIdle failed

if anyone can help I would be very appreciative.


David J. Kendall


homepage - http://davidkendall.net
mp3 - http://ruccas.org

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