[PD] Logitech Quickcam Gem OS X

David Kendall dkendall at calarts.edu
Sat Apr 16 04:50:05 CEST 2005

It is rather perplexing. The camera does seem to work fine everywhere 
except in Pd. My suspicion is that this problem is either related to 
the driver I specially downloaded to get the device to work with OS X, 
or else it might have something to do with how Pd and Gem are installed 
on my system. I may try re-installing Pd/GEM and see if that helps, 
though I don't know what he likelihood of that is.

If I may ask, were you running 0.37 with the logitech quickcam, or were 
you using the 0.38 bundled app? I wonder if the directory structure of 
the new app is screwing up GEM's attempts to locate the video input.

thanks for the help..


On Apr 15, 2005, at 4:08 PM, roc wrote:

>> Has anyone had success with other camera models
>> running in to pd/gem on os x?
> i have used a logitech pro (i think it's the "3000" model) with pd+gem 
> on osx and it works perfectly. i dont understand why yours shouldnt 
> work as well. but then again, i'm no webcam wizard...
> best
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