[PD] sendOSC: handling big numbers

ggkarman at musicologia.com ggkarman at musicologia.com
Sun Apr 17 07:26:04 CEST 2005

>> hi list,
>> here's an issue I have with OSC:
>> [send /addr 1000000]
>>  |
>>  |
>> [sendOSC 1024]
>> what's transmitted here is not an integer but the string "1e+006"
>> any workaround to transmit numbers bigger than a million ?

I have no problem sending and receiving big numbers up to approx 10E32
(which is the maximum handled with floats, if bigger my OSCdump reports
#Inf) in a loopback with pd 0.38 & OSCx 0.16-2 and windows.

Im working on an OSC sender port in an external application, and i have
tested pd's OSCdump against those type tags: int, float, char, bool,
timetag, string, symbol, rgba_color, midi_message. Those that i couldnt
get working were: double,int64...
I guess your problem must be a pd's OSC implementation issue, because OSC
is supposed to be able to handle with this. Maybe something to do with
types implemented in the OSC you are using, or else a typetag issue
(sorry, i havent used typetags to send OSC messages from pd).

But anyhow you should be able to handle 10E6...

> ... Jesus, a string?
> - John

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