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Sun Apr 17 23:23:26 CEST 2005

On Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 11:01:04PM +0200, derek holzer wrote:
> I'm curious how to set the values of a LADSPA plugin uing the [plugin~] 
> object. Seems like it's a bit of a pain in the ass to use. For example 
> this one:
> Loaded from library "/usr/lib/ladspa/mvclpf24.so".
> Control input(s):
>  #1 "Input gain (dB)"
>  #2 "Frequency"
>  #3 "Exp FM gain"
>  #4 "Resonance"
>  #5 "Resonance gain"
>  #6 "Filter poles"
>  #7 "Output gain (dB)"
> Control output(s):
> Audio input(s):
>  #1 "Input"
>  #2 "Frequency"
>  #3 "Exp FM"
>  #4 "Resonance"
> Audio output(s):
>  #1 "Output"

you got further than me, just get "LADSPA plugin not found in any library" for anything here. the one time i did manage to get it to load something, i recall the above 'control inputs' msg is just sent to stderr, so theres no way to populate a menu in PD? not to mention theres no way to get a list of all plugins without globbing the .so files in a shell...and no way to host DSSI, and PD is totally broken/useless for DSP on 64bit anyways..

but i found a nice solution to this called om-synth, and can do all of the above tricks over OSC from a seperate machine... here the plugins are hosted in OM and controlled/sequenced by pd: http://whats-your.name/pd/gui/ngrid.PNG

check it out, well if youre to lazy to make plugin~ suck less..

> The object itself has 5 inlets, of which I assume that the first is for 
> control messages and the other four are for the "Audio inputs".
> My question is how to format the messages to the control input when the 
> expected format is something like "Input gain (dB)". If I use the message:
> control "Input gain (dB)" $1
> or something similar using the format given by the "print"
> message, it does not accept it:
> error: Bad arguments for message 'control' to object 'plugin~'
> I could try the first word, such as "input" or "filter", but this is 
> ambiguous in the case of arguments like "Resonance"/"Resonance gain". 
> Sometimes the use of an underscore works, as in "Resonance_gain":
> plugin~: warning: parameter limited to within [0.000000, 1.000000]
> However "Filter_poles" results in:
> error: plugin~: plugin doesn't have a control input port named 
> "Filter_poles"
> Is there a systematic way of dealing with this besides pure dumb hacking 
> away? Any help from the LADSPA masters.... (Yo Frankie B, you in da house?)
> d.
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