[PD] Gating

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Apr 20 20:10:55 CEST 2005

Hi again! First, thank you for your
answers, they have been very useful.
But I'm gonna bother you again with a
newbie question.

How do you gate flow, both control / audio?

I think max has a gate or so object.
Writing a patch which treats a number
of cases in different ways I was
in a bad need of a gate-like object
with for example an output selector 
inlet and an input inlet gated to one
of N outlets according to the current
value of the output selector.

I solved this by [pack]ing the incoming
message with the output selector in front
and then [route]ing it (and in case the
selector was a symbol stripping
the list selector added by [pack]
before routing).

Regarding audio streams I find gating
them by means of [~* 1] / [~* 0]
multipliers too awkward, as a few
N gated streams would clutter your patch
with ~ N^2+3*N control connections
needed to send 0 or 1 factor for each
multiplier and them sum the outputs. But
here I could use [switch~] (or derek's
[switcheroo]) and subpatches with the
plus of performance gain.

I could write some gate-like subpatches
but first I would like to know if there
is an usual way of doing the above
which I'm missing, or some adequate
external, specially for the control part.

Thank you again.

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