[PD] an image processing book and /private/tmp

Mike Wozniewski mike at ozmediasolutions.com
Fri Apr 22 18:03:12 CEST 2005

> thing I noticed that the pdp_rec~ demo patch writes its file to
> private/tmp (os x). So i spent yesterday creating away writing to that
> folder and then found all the mov files gone when I rebooted at home!
> Should i take it their gone forever and the contents of /private/tmp are
> deleted on reboot?

yes, but if you're really desperate, and you haven't used your HD too much
since, it *might* be possible to get them back with the debugfs program.

1. as root, run the program:
debugfs /dev/hda<#>

2. at the prompt, list all deleted files with:

3. then recover the file with:
dump <inode#>  /path/to/recover/to

I wouldn't be too excited about this though - especially since you're trying
to recover binary content. For text-based stuff, I think you can sometimes
get some stuff back.

Hope this helps.


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