[PD] NFS and other errata with respect to PD

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Apr 22 18:58:19 CEST 2005

Hello again list,

I was trying to avoid doing any real work apparently, and found
myself designing my ideal home network configuration and my
dream performance setup, and I had a few small questions:

(Presuppose linux OS unless otherwise specified)

1. If I were to mount all my apps and userspace for all my
machines from one fileserver via NFS how would PD\'s performance
be affected?
What about if each machine had its own PD compiled and mounted
localy but all the patches it was using were loaded fron an NFS
mounted volume?

2. If I had a rackmounted computer in a rack along with a rack
audio breakoutbox like the m-audio 1010, and mic preamp and such,
would the cumputer\'s processor\'s electro-magnetic noise bleed
into the audio signal even using balanced cables everywhere?
(e.g. would it be best to have one rack of computers and one of
audio gear, and laptops and power conditioners are ok around
audio equipment becasue they are shielded? I am relitively new
to the live sound thing...)
Is there a way to shield the audio signal from computer noise?
I know that the magnetic field falls off at the square of the
distance but in a rack there is not much space to sperate things.
I know that a ferris metal like a steel or iron sheet could act
as shielding but how much fieldnoise would wrap around the sheet
if it is the same dimentions as the base of the computers rack

3. If I have a hammerfall multiface (with no worldclock BNC
connector) is there a way to use regular midi or the network to
sync multiple machines?

These last questions are more general; about performing live with

4. I am trying to figure out how to build a whole set of music
to perform live. I have been in shows before but it was only
once piece; How do you that use PD live balance stage performance
with computer interaction? (videos would be nice! How the f*%k did
skinny puppy do all that crazyness live WITH ANALOGE EQUIPMENT
Supp: how much do you use \"push play\" pieces versus crazy
interactive pieces? (a push play piece is a precompiled piece that
you perform along with but requires no direct interaction)

5. How much should I plan on acquiring my own PA system versus
spending my money and time on the rest of my gear and depending
on the house providing the PA? Keep in mind that I tend to be more
\"experimental\" and so I proabably wont be playing the large, or
even medium venues.

For context I offer you A track from my as-yet unreleased seccond
disk: HasDreams, 99% PD made! (My first disk was an amagalimation
of stuff, but proabably 50% csound: DISKNEXTNEXT)
Switcher is a piece that uses a learning markov chain interacting
with a sculpture.
The bottom 4 switches (one per side) tell the chain how to learn
and the 8 switches (one set per side) configure one of four
duplications of the one instrument.

Thanks for all the help, and sorry for the long posting!
I must really not want to get anything done today! :D

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