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> Hi list,
> probably quite trivial but I just can't figure out
how to display an 
> impulse response obtained via fft from -nfft/2 to
+nfft/2-1 instead of 
> from 0 to nfft-1.
> Thanks for any help,
> Matthias

I'm not sure if I understand right, but lrshift~
shifts a signal block depending upon its creation
argument, left for positive numbers, right for
negative, filling in the rest with zeros.
Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can change the
shift amount other than with the creation argument, so
alternatively you can tabsend~ input to a temporary
table, then tabreceive~ a table of indices which you
use to tabread4~ the temporary table. The table of
indices can be 0,1,2..63 (assuming block size=64) for
no shift, 1,2..64 for left shift 1, etc. even
fractional shift if you want.

Stefan Turner

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