[PD] harddisk recording confusion

Niklas Saers niklas at registrar.no
Mon Apr 25 11:07:28 CEST 2005

Hi all,

writesf~ sfwrite~ sfwrite13~ and possible ogg/mp3 variations thereof... 
:-) There are quite a few to pick from, and none of these have any 
outlets. What I need to do is record to harddisk, take a pause and 
continue. For these pauses I need to make an overview of where the 
pauses in the recording are. I plan on storing these in an array (other 
suggestions most welcome :-) ). Also, will I need to worry about 
conversion to long integers or does PD handle that so that I won't need 
to worry about the regular floats wrapping?

What I'm wondering about is: are there any harddisk recording objects 
(with or without compression) that will tell me how far they've reached 
so that I can position myself within the clip for playback of only one 
recording period?



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