[PD] Gem crash: Why?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Apr 25 22:00:12 CEST 2005

james tittle hat gesagt: // james tittle wrote:

> ...can't wait for katamari 2, I bet :-)  I'm wasting time with a neat 
> psp...oh yeah:  the question...

Grr, can't afford a PSP currently... ;)

> >could anybody maybe test attached patch? It leads to a segfault on my
> >machine and I'd like to find out, why or ow to work around this. [any]
> >from IEM is required.
> ...oddly enuff, it's not crashing for me on osx, at least when run in 
> gdb (haven't tried a normal run)...looking at it, I'm not really sure 
> what you want to do (outside of have randomly xy-placed colored 
> squares)?  Are you trying to put 500 squares on screen per frame?  Or 
> something else...?

It's just a test patch stripped to the bones, nothing really useful. 
Basically I'm trying to understand how [seperator] works for creating
lots of objects of the same kind using just lists as input. I got this
idea from the example patches in CVS at externals/numsk/msd2D etc. 

There Nicolas Montgermont is using a similar approach. However he is
actually not using a metro, but [gemhead] to drive the gemchain in [pd

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