[PD] benefits of planet ccrma kernel, and realtime priority pd?

Mike Wozniewski mike at ozmediasolutions.com
Wed Apr 27 01:13:02 CEST 2005


I asked a similar question about Gem a little while back, but now I'd 
like to focus on audio alone.

Has anyone ever published performance results/benchmarks when using the 
Planet CCRMA kernel vs. a regular RedHat/Fedora kernel? Where can I find 

...or how about the benefit of using the -rt (realtime) option in Pd? I 
don't seem to notice a difference.

Is it worth it for me to install *just* the Planet CCRMA kernel for 
RedHat 9? ...note that I can't really install anything else since I'm on 
a networked machine with many restrictions. Will I get much improvement 
from just the kernel alone?

Also, is there a chance that the new kernel won't work with my existing 
(alsa-enabled) RedHat9 system? or could it break something so that I 
won't be able to return to my working system?

Mike Wozniewski

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