[PD] Re: Nord Modular instrument converter

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Wed Apr 27 17:18:13 CEST 2005

I updated the nord2pd project at

The NOTES describes the algorithms of the modules. Not complete,
nor correct explanations. Includes references to existing software
and papers.

I made screenshots of the PD files I have already written to.
Screenshots are, e.g., for people who does not use PD.

I included the parser codes from NMEdit project.

OK. Only 14 of the 109 modules has some PD code. Only 3 modules
are complete. 10 modules missing little things. Because I started
this project 25 days ago, I expect I have finished this project
at November with 109 modules having some code and only 23 modules
completely finished. Then next 8 years and I give up. Clavia
should not be worried about this project at all, I'm sure.

Here are some thoughts the discussion has raised:

(1) Volunteers should now read the NOTES file. The information
I need is how you would implement the modules in PD or in any
other system. Modulars: csound, alsamodular, supercollider, galan,
ssm, beast, reaktor etc. Non-modulars: ladspa, vst, music-dsp code
archive, etc.

(2) The PD files includes now only trivial material. It should
be easy to write them with the other systems. Please do it.

(3) The free clone of Nord Modular is not important. I'm aiming
at a minimal system which makes NM patches to run in other systems.
The GUI for building the patches is not part of my project.
The UI or GUI for controlling the patch parameters is part of
my project. OSC control could be simplest way to add the control to
the patches.

(4) Only NM patches, not NM G2 patches.

Tasks we have:

(1) To write the NM file parser which only maps the patch data to
a C data structures. E.g.,
That could be simpler than expected. NMEdit already has parser
code in "nmedit/libs/libnmpatch". I included a copy in my
project package, no need to download NMEdit.
Somebody expert should understand the code and write a standalone
program for us.

(2) Finish the PD modules. Or modules in any other system.

(3) Update the parser with the patch conversion codes.

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