[PD] earplugs~

Burt brialey at juno.com
Wed Apr 27 20:40:19 CEST 2005

Hi list,

I recently started investigating Head Related Transfer Functions and came upon the earplugs~ external at http://crca.ucsd.edu/~pxiang/research.htm.  I got the earplug~ external to load, however, Pd keeps telling me "error reading impulse reponse file 'earplug_data.txt'! "  Does anyone know where the analysis file need to be?  I tried putting it in extras and I also attempted to load it in the same directory as earplug~-help.  An earlier thread mentioned putting it in bin where Pd is launched, however, I am running OS X 10.3.  I even tried putting it in the MacOS folder where Pd is located in the app.

I am running Pd 0.38.3 wrapped in a modified version of Han's OS X installer found at my site pcm.peabody.jhu.edu/~sburt .

If anyone has experience with getting earplug~ to run in OS X, let me know.

Samuel Burt

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