[PD] MSD physical modeling, version 0.05

Nicolas Montgermont montgermont at la-kitchen.fr
Fri Apr 29 15:28:31 CEST 2005

Hi list,

The 0.05 version of msd, mass spring damper, objects collection is 
available in the externals/nusmuk repository of the CVS. It includes 
many changes thanks to Thomas Grill and Frank Barknecht :

- Compilation on Windows ( VC++) and Linux.
- Optimization of the computation speed.
- Message argument verification (most of the time...).
- Added and overloaded messages.
- An example with OpenGL primitives for GEM (msd3D/05_msd3Dvline)
- An example wich uses two msd objects synchronized together 
- An example in Datastructure (msd2D/ 05_msd2DDataStruct)

and Frank is working on an msd editor in DS that promise simple mouse 
edition of structures...

You still need the "repeat" external from zexy, the "any" abstraction 
from iemlib and flext to build.

Remarks and bug reports are welcome ;-).



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