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juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Sat Apr 30 12:21:15 CEST 2005

Greg wrote:

>ok.  the audio quality I get in XP is no good.  I know this has been
>adressed in a previous thread but I don't know if it was "clicking" or
>what used describe it.  Also, my laptop died and i was able to get my
>docs off it by using Knoppix after wasting time with xp's recovery
>worthlessness or BartPE, so right now I'm fairly pro-linux. I tried
>mandrake a couple years ago but abandoned it since it's a Win world. 
>CCRMA fedora 3 with a boot cd / usb stick looks pretty good to me but
>i'm interested in hearing about what other people think about it and
>what's working for them.
Hi Greg,
good things!
you have the choice :

-APODIO : http://www.apodio.org ! a livecd dedicated to audio (+ 
installation possible), it's really a great tools & strong, you have PD 
+ many externals and librairies & patchs available on it. (distribution 
based on mandrake)

-AGNULA : http://agnula.org/ it based on Debian, more to install than a 
livecd (even if they have one somewhere), it's quite good jobs also, it 
runs a demudi...

-DYNEBOLIC : http://dynebolic.org/ it's also a good multimedia livecd 
(not really to install) with PD and so on... it's a homemade 
distribution, quite good also to make sound & video!!

otherwise you could look at this page : http://linux-sound.org/ and 
choose :

      Linux Audio Bundles, Distributions, and Music Collections

I record, mix, play live, pdise, make some videos live...etc with those 
distributions since 3 years!!



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