[PD] [ANN] "Symmetries" premiere recording now available (and other goodies)

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Sat Apr 30 21:16:39 CEST 2005

Le 29 Avril 2005 23:43, Ivica Ico Bukvic a écrit :
> I would just like to share the quick-and-dirty downmix of the premiere of
> my latest work "Symmetries" (that took place at the last-week's "Linux
> Audio Conference" in Karlsruhe, Germany) with the LAU/LAD as well as Pd
> community. Without you guys, this piece would never have been possible
> :-).

Thanks a lot for sharing this mix with those of us who can't afford 
travelling that far. It is a beautiful piece, with a meaningful dialog 
between the violon and the computer part, (also beautiful alone).

> As my token of gratitude, in conjunction with this release I am also
> releasing the soundfont that I've built from scratch using exclusively 
> Linux software (Swami, Rezound) and specifically for use in this piece. 
> For more info on each of these please see notes below.

Great! There's not many violon soundfonts available, and this is a nice one.
Rezound is perfect to create loops; navigation within the sound is very 

> The soundfont is released under the "GPL/Artistic 2.0" license (for more
> info please see: http://dev.perl.org/perl6/rfc/346.html). Btw, I chose
> the art-related license simply based on my limited understanding that it
> is more appropriately tailored towards something that is not code-based.
> That being said, if anyone can explain me the difference between the two
> licenses, I would really appreciate it :-).

This combination of licenses is for software (Perl in this case),  Although 
it is called "Artistic", it was not designed to help distributing content. 
I would suggest to use a Creative Commons license.
Maybe the new sampling license is appropriate for soundfonts?

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