[PD] Re: [PD-announce] pd-0.38-4-devel-1 released

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Sat May 7 13:37:59 CEST 2005


>>2) with 
>>./configure --enable-jack --disable-alsa --enable-simd
>>--enable-optimize --enable-threadedsf --enable-gathreadlocks
>>--enable-newhash --enable-lockfree 
> hm ... disabling alsa will break it, due to the alsa midi code ... maybe
> --disable-alsa should enable oss midi ...
sorry - I got this errors with --enable-alsa, so my configure was:
./configure --enable-jack --enable-alsa --enable-simd --enable-optimize
--enable-threadedsf --enable-gathreadlocks --enable-newhash

>>>building this is much easier than building devel_0_38 from cvs and
>>>it's hopefully quite stable at the moment ...
what is the difference between the cvs version (I didn't tried since some
month) ?


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