[PD] no licensing, no money?

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Wed May 18 20:10:21 CEST 2005

hello all,

creating a "verein" is quite simple in german. you need 7 people, have a 
meeting with all of them to start the foundation of a "verein".
after that you write a "satzung" (the articles of the association), and decide 
who of the 7 do what. (board of directors, finance, ....).
with that paper, signed by all seven people, you go to you local authorities.
after a while they get back to you and tel you either that something needs to 
get changed to become a "e.V." (incorporated society), or that everything is 
ok. as soon as you get the state of a "e.V.", you can receive funds, which in 
turn are fully tax detuctible. i have bioleplate templates for the articles 
of a society. after that you just need regular meeting with all of the 7 
"founders", but as practice has shown, its enough to just write up the papers 
and have everyone agree on that, and doing the meeting only once a year.

its important to be a "e.V." for the people who fand to fund that one, because 
only as e.V. it is tax-deductible. (that is, the one who gives a grant gets 
that money deduced from the tax). when we had our club in duesseldorf, we got 
some funds from foreign people too, and those demanded a "invoice" for that 
to have that tax think working, so my guess is that as an e.v. in germany, 
grants are always tax-deductible, even for foreign "granters".

since im a member of the ccc (chaos computer club) im going to ask there how 
that does work on a international basis, if there is interrest.

after all, setting up an "e.V." is one of the easiest things to do....
there is a reason for the old saying "when two grmans with the same interrest 
meet, they set up a association" ;-)



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