[PD] using two computers with pd/gem

Paris Treantafeles paris at parisgraphics.com
Sat May 21 18:22:35 CEST 2005

Thanks for the suggestions.
One machine runs Mac OS, the other Debian or Windows.
I will start by trying out the simple solution of netsend/receive
but the X-forwarding should also be possible as i'm running Fink and 
apple's X window server on the mac.


On Saturday, May 21, 2005, at 11:08  AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> Paris Treantafeles wrote:
>> hi list,
>> can someone please suggest which objects i should be looking at to do 
>> the following.
>> i would like to have one computer with a pd/gem patch that is 
>> actually being executed/rendered on another machine.
>> is that possible?
> yes
> (the suggestions here are totally different from what derek proposed, 
> as you are running only one single instance of pd which is rendering 
> the Gem-window to a remote machine)
> the simple solution:
> use linux; create the gemwindow on the remote machine with something 
> like [create dali:8.0( (where "dali" is the remote-computer that 
> should render the window, and "8.0" is the display on "dali" you want 
> to render to); for more information search for X-forwarding.
> the complicated solution:
> use chromium (http://chromium.sf.net), a cross-platform distributed 
> highly-scalable openGL (and so on and so on...) rendering system. runs 
> on linux, w32, osX and irix (and probably some other os's...); does 
> not require any changes to the openGL-application (in this case: Gem), 
> so it should work out of the box.
> it is quite complicated to configure (but gosh, it is really 
> powerful); i have only tested it under linux and it works after some 
> quirks (search the gem-dev mailing-list archives)
> if you are trying to use it with some other OS, i would be thankful 
> for any reports.
> notes:
>  X-forwarding will run the server-side of openGL on the remote machine
>  chromium will run everything (in the openGL domain, of course) on the 
> "render-network" (and i guess you can configure what computer is what 
> node in your network)
>  using chromium is really an overhead for a task as simple as 
> forwarding a window
>  using a lot of textures (like video, for example) will of course make 
> a significant traffic on your network.
> something totally different:
> if you just want to run the patch on 1 computer and the rendering on 
> the other computer because you want to use all of the gfx-cards 
> outputs for the video and you don't want to show your patch (e.g. you 
> want to interact with your dual-head fullscreen rendering) you can 
> also (and this might be simpler):
> - do as derek suggests: remote control your Gem patch via [netsend] or 
> the like.
> - use X-forwarding to run the pd-patch on the "remote"-computer, even 
> though pd (and Gem) are running on the "render"-computer
> - pd and pd-gui are 2 applications that interact via a 
> tcp/ip-connection; this means you can run pd on one computer (the 
> "render"-target) and pd-gui on another computer (your interface)
> mfg.a.sdr
> IOhannes
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