[PD] [OT] PC hardware recommondations for Linux

federico xaero at inwind.it
Wed May 25 18:45:49 CEST 2005

here is my setup:

Athlon 2800+
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (and everything works fine, it has gigabit ethernet,
megabit ethernet, firewire and serial ata, however i still didn't have a
chance to test firewire)
nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000 AGP 8x
Echoaudio GINA24/96 2in 8outs

for the multichannel audio i recommend you GINA24, it is a great sound
cards, and it has external I/O box.

i am running Gentoo Linux with kernel 2.6.11-gentoo-r8 (gentoo-sources)

just my two cents

B. Bogart ha scritto:

> Hey all,
> This is pretty off topic.
> I'm trying to figure out what PC to buy for my next linux machine. This
> machine is going to be specifically for PD/Gem stuff, maybe a little
> video here and there, but is meant to be a machine I don't depend on day
> to day, but can lease for installations and/or performance stuff. So it
> has to be solid.
> My current PC is a duron 800 Abit KT7 with geforce2 card in it. I'm
> hoping to get some performance getting close to my g4 1.25Ghz powerbook
> with Radeon 9600.
> For the graphics I'm looking at the Asus N6600 (256MB, FX6600) but I'm
> stuck on the mainboard. And will probably be running an AMD XP 3000+ or
> 3200+
> A windows guy recommended the Asus a7n8x-e deluxe which sounds really
> great but I'm (clearly) worried about linux compatibility. I did a few
> searches online and found very inconsistant reviews, for some people
> everything works, for others almost nothing works. If I get this board I
> would like all features to work, that is all usb ports, the 1GB
> ethernet, the firewire (for Gem), and the 6 channel audio.
> So are any linux PDers using this board and would recommend it? Any
> hoops you had to jump through to get things like the sound to work? all
> 6 channels? Does the ethernet work without troubles?
> Also I'm going to be running dual 160GB SATA drives in RAID to get the
> best disk access bandwidth I can manage.
> Also I'm considering the debian family, angula, ubuntu and the like.
> RAID hard to set-up under these?
> I'm also looking at the A7V880 but Its hard to see the difference
> between the two boards.
> So if anyone is using these boards with PD under linux and (hopefully)
> actually using all the features, like all the audio channels, the
> firewire input, the Gb ethernet please drop me a line.
> Or if you just got a comperable PC and are very happy running linux on
> it let me know.
> Thanks all.
> b>
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