[PD] [OT] PC hardware recommondations for Linux

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Jun 2 17:20:55 CEST 2005

Hey Frank+all,

Thanks for your advice. Turns out I can't get any XP CPUs anymore!!! :(
So I need to get a Athlon64 machine.

Is AMD64 a problem under linux? (running a 32 bit linux and not 64).

I wanted to get the last fastest 32 bit AMD machine, but I missed the
boat. Anyhow I should expect in terms of 64 bit problems with
linux/nvidia drivers, PD in particular?

Will I be safe running a 32 bit linux and ignoring the fact that it is a
64 bit machine in the meantime?

I feel too close to the "high-tech" edge now, which I try and stay away

Thanks for any advice, thanks all for responding to my original post.


Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> B. Bogart hat gesagt: // B. Bogart wrote:
>>This is pretty off topic.
> Then why not go over to pd-ot? ;) Acutally I think, from time to time
> talking about good hardware for Pd is on-topic here as well. Do you
> know the "hardware" area on puredata.org?
>>I'm trying to figure out what PC to buy for my next linux machine. This
>>machine is going to be specifically for PD/Gem stuff, maybe a little
>>video here and there, but is meant to be a machine I don't depend on day
>>to day, but can lease for installations and/or performance stuff. So it
>>has to be solid.
>>My current PC is a duron 800 Abit KT7 with geforce2 card in it. I'm
>>hoping to get some performance getting close to my g4 1.25Ghz powerbook
>>with Radeon 9600.
>>For the graphics I'm looking at the Asus N6600 (256MB, FX6600) but I'm
>>stuck on the mainboard. And will probably be running an AMD XP 3000+ or
> Last week I was shopping for a new machine, which has replaced my main
> machine now. As such, I also wanted a quiet machine, which means: no
> P4 but Athlon64.
> As I'm a bit on a budget, I bought the 3000+ model. For a mainboard I
> choose the ABit AV8+ with Firewire, which was only a half good choice
> unfortunatly.
> The reason is, that using the powersaving funcitonality ("Cool &
> Quiet") leads to crashes, so I had to disable it. I strongly suspect,
> that a wrong ACPI implementation on the board is the reason for this.
> I hope, that the next kernels (> 2.6.11) will be able to work around
> this. Also the ABit board is the wrong choice, if you want to
> undervolt your processor, it's more targetted at overclockers, not at
> silence freaks like I am.  But if powersaving is not important to you,
> then this board is nice, everything as far as I tested it, is
> supported with newer kernels (> 2.6.10 for the onboard ethernet).
> The AV8+ is an AGP board, which is good, because I want to reuse my
> old Matrox-card.
> Asus should be fine, too, but I think it's a bit expensive. Another
> good brand to consider is MSI boards, which I was running on my
> previous two machines. Maybe I should have bought an MSI this time as
> well?
> I cannot recommend any graphics cards as I don't run hardware for
> which vendors don't supply enough specs, so I'm more or less stuck
> with older cards.
> I would thus say, that Amd64 in general can still be a bit shaky, so
> your choice of an older Athlon XP model will surely be easier to get
> running in a solid way and of course it's much cheaper.
> Ciao
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