[PD] [OT] PC hardware recommondations for Linux

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jun 2 18:30:35 CEST 2005

B. Bogart hat gesagt: // B. Bogart wrote:

> Thanks for your advice. Turns out I can't get any XP CPUs anymore!!! :(
> So I need to get a Athlon64 machine.

You could also try the Sempron processors, which should be available,

> Is AMD64 a problem under linux? (running a 32 bit linux and not 64).

No, you can run AMD64 processor as a 32bit processor just as well. I
do so: I still run a 32bit system on my new machine. This is still my
very first Debian install which I only upgraded from Debian 1.2 until
now, and that was about 7 years ago so I didn't want to loose that old

> I wanted to get the last fastest 32 bit AMD machine, but I missed the
> boat. Anyhow I should expect in terms of 64 bit problems with
> linux/nvidia drivers, PD in particular?

Well, I have no experience yet with 64bit, this is something to do
later. I can't comment on NVidia, but from what I've read people don't
seem to have more problem on AMD64 than on other systems. 

> Will I be safe running a 32 bit linux and ignoring the fact that it is a
> 64 bit machine in the meantime?

Yes, no probs. 

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