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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Jun 2 20:10:07 CEST 2005

B. Bogart wrote:

> Is AMD64 a problem under linux? (running a 32 bit linux and not 64).

No, not at all. Under Gentoo (for example), you have a choice to run 
32bit, 64bit, or run 64bit and still use some applications in a 32bit 
"chroot" mode.

> I wanted to get the last fastest 32 bit AMD machine, but I missed the
> boat. Anyhow I should expect in terms of 64 bit problems with
> linux/nvidia drivers, PD in particular?

If you are running the 64bit processor in 32bit mode, you'll have no 
problems above the ordinary (whatever those are). In 64bit mode, I've 
gotten NVidia drivers running (agian, under Gentoo), but PD isn't really 
64bit ready yet AFAIK. When I was working with it in January, I couldn't 
get tables to load and fucntion correctly, for example. Thewade has 
continued to post numerous bugs with PD in 64bit, so I'm not encouraged 
to switch back to my 64bit kernel any time soon.

> Will I be safe running a 32 bit linux and ignoring the fact that it is a
> 64 bit machine in the meantime?

Maybe your laptop might feel a bit neglected, but that's for you and 
your relationship counselor to work out. Otherwise, no bigger mess than 


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