[PD] [OT] PC hardware recommondations for Linux

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jun 2 20:16:56 CEST 2005

B. Bogart wrote:
> Hey Frank+all,
> Thanks for your advice. Turns out I can't get any XP CPUs anymore!!! :(
> So I need to get a Athlon64 machine.

which i think is perfect.

> Is AMD64 a problem under linux? (running a 32 bit linux and not 64).

no, it's rather a problem with windows....
but why running a 32bit linux and not a 64bit one ?

> I wanted to get the last fastest 32 bit AMD machine, but I missed the
> boat. Anyhow I should expect in terms of 64 bit problems with
> linux/nvidia drivers, PD in particular?

i am successfully using debian x86_64 on my laptop and it runs like hell 
(nvidia's drivers were no problem at all, the only issue was with my 
wlan-card where i had a hard time waiting for 64bit windoze-drivers 
(using ndiswrapper); the only remaining thing i can think of right now, 
is that i don't have kismet on 64bit debian)

i have not run into any problems with pd (but haven't used much 

and it takes me about 90 seconds to configure/compile a distclean Gem....

one drawback is, that FreeFrame does not support 64bit at all.

> Will I be safe running a 32 bit linux and ignoring the fact that it is a
> 64 bit machine in the meantime?
if you feel safer that way, then yes, you will be safe.

> I feel too close to the "high-tech" edge now, which I try and stay away
> from...

i think AMD64 is there for more than 1 year, so i don't consider it 
bleeding edge any more.


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