[PD] HID seg fault on linux - debugging

august august at alien.mur.at
Sun Jun 5 02:40:21 CEST 2005

so, I'm back to trying to get the hid object work on my machine.  the
"hid" object will recognize my device which is enumerated as a joystick
and mapped to /dev/input/event2

I can open the device fine with "hid".  It prints out

[hid] opened device 2 (/dev/input/event2): Microchip Technology Inc.

I then start the "hid" object with a "start" message and it prints out the
following and then segfaults:

	[hid] polling started

I've narrowed it down with gdb to be crashing due to a call to strcpy in
the function hid_get_events(t_hid *x) in hid_linux.c

strcpy(hid_code, event_names[hid_input_event.type][hid_input_event.code]);

any ideas how to fix this?


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