[PD] display waveform in GEM

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sun Jun 5 23:50:53 CEST 2005

Following an idea from Gerhard Daurer, I'd like to look into displaying 
the waveform of an audiofile in a Gemwin. Gerhard sent me a prototype of 
a very cool patch combining my Particle Chamber with PMPD and GEM, which 
uses physical modelling to visually control the granulation of a 
soundfile. (And I hope he posts this same prototype here soon!)

In his version, he has only a set number of audiofiles to choose from, 
so he simply loads a JPG of the waveform into the Gemwin. However, I'd 
like to be able to load any wav file into this and get some visual 
feedback (i.e. be able to see the peaks). This would be a one-time 
operation, and not something that would be changing in realtime (except 
maybe a zoom in and out), however I would like that displaying the peaks 
doesn't interrupt audio processing (as drawing a table would).

I'd like to use GEM for this so that the various grains could be 
graphically represented on top of the waveform. I'm open for PDP 
implementations, but I don't really consider PDP cross-platform so I'd 
rather stick with GEM.

Any Gemheads out there have an idea of how to go about this?


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