[PD] zexy 2.0 without [nop] (..noone is a lame ass...)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jun 6 09:59:54 CEST 2005

derek holzer wrote:
> Hi again,
> if indeed [nop~] no longer delays by 1 sample block, then using a pair 
> of [send~] and [receive~] should do the same thing. Or [anything~], if 
> indeed that still exists. But it would be a major pain to have to go 
> clean up old patches because of this. Maybe IOhannes just shortened the 
> documentation? ;-)

well, [nop~] should always have been there only for cosmetic reasons.
with zexy-2.0 it finally is.

the usage of [nop~] in the [limiter~]-help patch was something i should 
never have done in the first place.
it is only there to achieve a "very short" delay. you can do that as 
well with  [z~ 64] (ok, it is one more character to type)
in the limiter~help for zexy-2.0 there is no more [nop~].

i would really rather keep [nop~] as it is now (without delay), but of 
course we could discuss whether it makes any real sense (as an analogy 
to the "nop"-mnemonic).

as for old patches: i fear you will have to go through them again 
(imagine all the joys you will go through again when reading olde works) 
if you insist on using zexy-2.0 (that was one of the reasons for the new 


PS: think of it like [atan2] ;-)

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