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Mon Jun 6 19:35:14 CEST 2005

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 04:38:57PM +0200, moritz w. wrote:
> hi list
> do i unterstand it right, that subpatches are only for make patches
> "cleaner",
> and no way to commit some arguments individually , like we can do with
> abstractions?
> this would make a lot of things easyer, for example: copy paste a subpatch
> ,give them some arguments, and then i can change some little things in the
> individual subpatches...

subpatches share the 'locality' of the containing patcher, as far as $0 goes, but it soudns like youre looking for the ability to 'subclass' an abstraction and just change a few things? or perhaps real local-variables or symbols without makefilename+$0 hacks, or even the ability to pass distinct args to a subpatch like you can with an abstraction? keep waiting, or add it yourself..i think some work on these things, along with lists-within-lists and threads, pd could become the 'python or ruby' of dataflow langages..but it hasnt happened yet.

> i ask me then, why we can stop the audio with [switch~]  in subpatches,
> or handle "canvas"-locality with [sendlocal] from guenter geiger
> do i have overlook something?
> is there a "hack" to become the subpatchname?
> thanks, and i hope this is not asked to much before..
> moritz
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