[PD] patches wont open

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Mon Jun 6 19:23:45 CEST 2005


Some patches may open outside of your screen bounds if the screen they
were made on is bigger then the one your opening on. If it is the same
machine I have had a issue with this before. Opening the PD patch in a
text editor showed it was empty. :( I could not figure out what
happened, but somehow when saving PD deleted the whole patch.

Don't forget to back up!

If it is not the two above issues I then have no idea.


ggkarman at musicologia.com wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Suddenly i can't open a whole set of patches that ive been working on. The
> problem is with a series of versions of the same patch
> (main1,main2,...main26), i can open other stuff without a problem. Ive
> tried -noloadbang -noaudio -nomidi, and selectively loading externals or
> not loading any at all. I have tried on other pd version i have installed,
> both on 2 different w$ installations on the same machine. The funny thing
> is i dont remeber doing anything that could cause this after the last time
> i could open them. ¿Any ideas how to debug this?
> g
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