[PD] no dsp-chain update after dynamic abstraction-creation

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 7 09:53:54 CEST 2005


Roman Haefeli wrote:
> hi
> creating an abstraction containing tilde-objs dynamically does not take
> any effect (see the attached example). it seems that touching at least
> two tilde-objs with the mouse (in edit-mode) causes pd to rebuild the
> dsp-chain (is this the right expression?) and dynamically created abs
> are 'integrated'.

this is known, and i _think_ it is a bug, but read on.

> will pd keep this behaviour in the future?

i do not hope so.
at least i would not rely on it at all.

> is there a way to rebuild the dsp-chain whithout using the mouse?

[; pd dsp 0; pd dsp 1(

> is this behaviour intended, like the no-loadbang-thing in dyn. created
> abs?

the good thing about it is, that pd doesn't need to rebuild the 
dsp-chain each time a new ~-object is created. while this might look bad 
when you are just adding 1 or 2 objects, it is a real _feature_ if 
you're adding a lot of object~s at a time;

so i'm not sure about this behaviour being a bug any more. (like i have 
been 10 lines ago)

the only (imo) bad thing is, that with the "pd dsp"-messages you are 
forcing pd to rebuild the whole dsp-chain,
it would be (again: imo) better, if you could just send a message to the 
subpatch to rebuild the dsp-chain there (like the loadbang thingy).
while in fact this would produce the same result (rebuilding the entire 
dsp-chain) _now_, it might be a good to be already around if we finally 
have segmented dsp-chains (the things grrrr and krzysztof are dreaming of)


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