[PD] HID under Linux GENTOO

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Jun 7 21:59:42 CEST 2005

Hi Luigi,

luigi rensinghoff wrote:
 > I was wondering if anyone got H.C. Steiners HID-Object running under
 > Gentoo-Linux.

Yes, I did. It requires some kernel tweaking.  I'll summarize from my 
earlier thread and research on Gentoo forums trying to work it out:

1) KERNEL: Configure 2.6 kernel for the following (as modules if you 
would like to load/unload them, or in the kernel itself):

2) TESTING: Once booted into new kernel, try
# lsusb
to see what is currently plugged in on your USB bus.

3) MORE TESTING: You should also see devices listed at:
which [hid] will listen to. In PD with [hid], the eventX number should 
correspond to the HID device number you need to tell the object to 
listen to.

4) EVEN MORE TESTING: You can also
# dmesg | grep HID
after plugging your HID device in to see if it is registered.

5) COMPILING: The pd_linux version which HC distributes is compiled for 
PPC. Maybe he should say something about that somewhere in a README, but 
anyway, don't bother trying it on x86. Compile the mutha u-self.

6) RUNNING: I need to run PD as root to get this working. Otherwise the 
HID devices are not accessible. I'm open to suggestions on how to fix 
this. I was using Udev before, but it's the devil's work and completely 
messed up my configuration, so I got rid of it ;-)

If I missed anything, somebody please give me sign.


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