[pd] arguments in subpatches

moritz w. erstens at gmx.ch
Wed Jun 8 13:59:54 CEST 2005

Frank Barknecht schrieb:

>ix at replic.net hat gesagt: // ix at replic.net wrote:
>>subpatches share the 'locality' of the containing patcher, as far as
>>$0 goes,
>Also as far as $1, $2 etc. go: subpatches take $1 from the surrounding
>abstraction. Because of that, subpatch arguments, if they should be
>implemented at all, must use different symbols, like #1, #2 etc. to
>keep older patches from breaking. 
jes this is exactly what i meant..ther is no "hack"?

but i'm unfortunately not a c-programmer, and i can live in future with this
behaviour of subpatches, abstractions...

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