[PD] installing PD on osX

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Jun 8 14:47:20 CEST 2005

Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> On Jun 3, 2005, at 2:44 PM, B. Bogart wrote:
>> Yes....
>> On my todo list I have the task of:
>> #1. Take a look at Thomas F.O.'s installer and see why he wants it
>> "that" way.
>> #2. Try Hans's RC's for 38 and 39
>> #3. Make pixelTANGO work in Hans's
> I think it would work currently if you just replace PixelTANGO.app with
> Pd-0.38-4-extendedRC0.app in the /Applications/PixelTANGO folder.  But
> it would be awesome if the absolute path stuff could be fixed so it
> could become part of the standard distros, including Windows and
> GNU/Linux.

makes sense. I'm not sure the best way to deal with the standard path
issue... From the PD world the path to the toplevel patch (example) is
not the best place to look for "abstractions" relative to. Since the
paths get setup in tcl, I should be able to access those values using
tot right? Do these values get set when PD loads the pdsettings? Can I
trust these values? This would also help a lot with the help-patch
searching and indexing since we can;t be sure *-help.pd is in extra/

Anyone using Linux or Windows in such a way that there are global
(installed) externals in Program Files, but then also user-added
externals in the home directory? Does expanduser() in python work as
expected in windows?

>> #4. See if any ideas from Thomas's installer are worth integrating
>> #5. Do a prototype of the patch searching/indexing system.
>> #6. Release it all as a prototype of the future SINGLE STANDARD .app  for
>> OSX. :)
> That's what I am working towards...  I want to wrap it up for now since
> I am sunk many days into it recently.  After that, I probably won't
> make another release until 0.39 is stable.  Of course, anyone else is
> welcome to, its all in CVS.  The more, the merrier...

Ah, I like it when we're going the same direction. Hopefully I'll be
able to get on it soon. I'll take another look at the build system time
permitting. for now maybe just creating a tarball of everything for
linux would be a start, until the package experts find some more time.

>> I mean ".app" here and not "installer" per-se.
>> How can we make PD consistant on other platforms? Easy enough in  windows
>> to make something similar to the .app. On linux how could this be done?
>> One option (ugly) I see is to create a mirror of the .app idea for
>> linux, with a similar tree. This is standalone, no packages, no
>> dependancies, everything included.. (sounds ugly) and some cute method
>> for putting it  in the gnome/kde menu... For the user this could be
>> great, all you do is untar and go, like firefox on linux. I guess the
>> same thing could happen with packages?
> I had the same thought.  It'd be ugly, but it'd work.  Maybe it'd be
> good for a temporary solution.  Even better would be to update the
> debian package stuff to be integrated into a cross-platform build
> system.  Also, it would be very helpful if the PlanetCCRMA RPM code was
> in packages/planetccrma_rpm.  Then that could be integrated as well.  I
> tried to get Nando from CCRMA and Marc Lavalee to upload their stuff,
> but it never happened.

yeah... could be great for dynebolic and such liveCDs, great for PD on a
usb-key... Well my new machine will be debian so maybe I'll be able to
look at this. Nando?

>> Anyone working on a linux versions of the OSX and windows package
>> building scripts in CVS?
> I've been meaning to pull out the cross-platform parts of
> packages/darwin_app/Makefile and make a cross-platform
> packages/Makefile so that there would be a standard layout of installed
> stuff.

Great. Thanks for the efforts HC.


> .hc
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