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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Jun 9 02:17:35 CEST 2005

On Jun 7, 2005, at 3:59 PM, derek holzer wrote:

> Hi Luigi,
> luigi rensinghoff wrote:
> > I was wondering if anyone got H.C. Steiners HID-Object running under
> > Gentoo-Linux.
> Yes, I did. It requires some kernel tweaking.  I'll summarize from my  
> earlier thread and research on Gentoo forums trying to work it out:
> 1) KERNEL: Configure 2.6 kernel for the following (as modules if you  
> would like to load/unload them, or in the kernel itself):
> usbcore
> uhci-hcd
> ehci-hcd
> usbhid
> evdev
> joydev

joydev gives you the /dev/input/js? devices, so you don't need joydev  
unless you are going to them.  [hid] doesn't use those devices at all,  
only /dev/input/event*, I think they are deprecated even.  But they  
won't hurt anything.

> 2) TESTING: Once booted into new kernel, try
> # lsusb
> to see what is currently plugged in on your USB bus.

I kludged together an "lsevent" which comes in handy.  I added the  
source to my HID page:


> 3) MORE TESTING: You should also see devices listed at:
> /dev/input/eventX
> which [hid] will listen to. In PD with [hid], the eventX number should  
> correspond to the HID device number you need to tell the object to  
> listen to.
> 4) EVEN MORE TESTING: You can also
> # dmesg | grep HID
> after plugging your HID device in to see if it is registered.
> 5) COMPILING: The pd_linux version which HC distributes is compiled  
> for PPC. Maybe he should say something about that somewhere in a  
> README, but anyway, don't bother trying it on x86. Compile the mutha  
> u-self.

Damn, tough crowd, you don't even get credit for things you did (from  
first lines of hid-0.5/README):

There are two included binaries:

hid.pd_darwin = Darwin/PowerPC and Mac OS X
hid.pd_linux = Linux/PowerPC

Or maybe I should say RTFM, ;)  I guess my next laptop will be x86,  
seeing as Apple is abandoning PowerPC, then we won't have this  

> 6) RUNNING: I need to run PD as root to get this working. Otherwise  
> the HID devices are not accessible. I'm open to suggestions on how to  
> fix this. I was using Udev before, but it's the devil's work and  
> completely messed up my configuration, so I got rid of it ;-)

You don't need to run Pd as root to get access to the device, you just  
need the proper rights.  The best way to do that is to add your  
username to the group that owns /dev/input/event* and make sure that  
group has perms.  You can chmod 666 it, but that might open you up to  
an exploit.


> If I missed anything, somebody please give me sign.
> d.
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