[PD] HID object, woes.

august august at alien.mur.at
Fri Jun 10 17:44:06 CEST 2005


firstly, thanks a million for the hid device.  it's something that is
really appreciated.

...however, I am having some difficulties using it.

I just built a USB device which you can see here:


	I was about to present it yesterday, but was having some major
problems with the [hid] object.  I tested and built a patch with [hid]
input on a desktop machine running gentoo, and it was working *perfectly*
- fast, stable and clean.  I had it running all day and was editing a
running other patches at the same time.  however, on my laptop running
ubuntu, it was slow and cludgy, no matter how I set the polling.  Whats
also strange about this is that I changed the enumeration on my device so
that 13 axis that I have show up properly in the registered abs_x, abs_y,
etc. that you have in the 0.5 hid version.  With the new enumeration, I
can get [hid] to run and work perfectly on my desktop, however with the
same code and with the same device, it crashes PD immediately when I turn
the [hid] object on on my laptop.  [a simple (if !=null) statement that I
sent the other day will keep it from segfaulting, however.  I just find it
curious how it works on one machine but doesn't on another - I don't know
much about USB]

	so, for the presentation that was scheduled, I needed a working
solution on a laptop, ...and since everyone around me uses a mac, and
since I thought you were developing [hid] for the mac, I decided to try it
there.  I downloaded your installer for PD with the hid object included,
but to my surprise, the situation was even worse on the mac - the response
from the [hid] object is _very_ slow and _very_ cludgy.  I tried it on a
coupla different macs, but got the same situ.  In desperation I tried to
set something up quick using supercollider on the mac, but the HIDdevice
there was even worse.

	I'd like to help debug if possible, but I don't really know where
to start.

thats my hid story so far.


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