[PD] [half OT] laptop processors for rt sound

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Jun 14 12:59:01 CEST 2005

Hi again,

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net wrote:
> thanks derek and ix for your anwsers
> I will certainly avoid the mobile pentium4. Also, that's right you can find 
> some cheap laptops with a 64 bit processor. But most programs are optimized for 
> the 32 bit operating systems currently, so they may run slower on a 64 bit ... 

Not really true. Lots of (most?) Linux apps seem to run fine on 64bit. 
The issue here wouldn;t be so much the speed by the compatibility. I 
don't know how far PD is with 64bit optimizations, for example, and you 
might still have some problems with binary-only drivers under Linux, so 
64bit may or may not be worth your money. I end up running PD in 32bit 
mode because I had problems loading soundfiles to tables in 64bit. Check 
the list for postings from thewade about other 64bit issues.


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