[PD] send~ + switch~ bug?

Christopher Charles schraubzwingenhalterung at web.de
Tue Jun 14 16:46:00 CEST 2005

hi list.

i've just encountered a problem about receiving~ from a send~ located in
a subpatch which is switch~ed off. after switch~ing off, the [receive~]
repeats the last 64 samples it got, over and over again, resulting in an
annoying squeal. [throw~] and [catch~] do not behave this way.
browsing the archive, i found that david mccallum already reported this
behaviour in 2003, with pd 0.36, but unfortunately he did not get any


so i'll give it a second try, this time in 2005 with pd-0.38-4.

i know, i could put a [line~] in front of the [send~] in order to fade
out the volume before switch~ing off, but imho, that's just a
workaround, not a fix. an example is attatched.

thanks in advance
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