[PD] dancing midi values

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net
Wed Jun 15 16:14:14 CEST 2005

hello Ingo,

Selon ingo haenlein <superscalar at gmx.de>:

> I wrote a patch which parses incoming mididata from an
> external midi controller and routes them via contoller numbers
> to a ladspa plugin. Everything works. Controller A controlls cutoff
> B resonance.
> My problem is, that if i tweak controller A e.g. to a value = 0 and  
> then contoller B, which has e.g. a (former) value = 100, the value of B  
> jumps to the value of A for a short time. After this delay B has the  
> right (old) value.

it's not normal

you could check this (wild guesses):
- the MIDI control change numbers must be different
- mapping from physical control A to cutoff and from physical control B can be 
done entirely in parallel (it's easier to program and you don't have to route :)

this setup works for me (copy paste in a txt editor if you have an html-only 
mail client):

outside world

     physical_A (set to midi cc number X) // in you MIDI controller/sliderbox
     (MIDI cable transmission)

inside the computer (pd)

     [ctlin X] //routing is done here by writing "X"
      |                                [r interpolation_time_for_conversion]
      |                                |
      |                                |
     [pd value_scaling&convert_to_signal]
    [vcf~] // or another filter; here, center inlet~ = cutoff

(same for physical_B, with Y instead of X (X != Y) and using the right inlet of 
[vcf~] for controlling Q)

you should attach your patch maybe


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