[PD] Re: more strange behaviours on 0.38.3

ggkarman at musicologia.com ggkarman at musicologia.com
Sun Jun 19 16:50:46 CEST 2005

 Ok, i can be just a little more precise:
 - Wish is quite low and have no visible arrays and the issue is there
 - Its not clicking anywhere on the canvas but clicking on some menu
 (including maximizing, closing or mimim.)
 - each help patch is associated with one menu action so:
    when i try to close: i get help for meter1~
    when i minimize i get help for key
    when i makimize i get help for linear....
    menu file: gets help for openpanel, etc...

next pd session the help set i get will be different.

If it's pd's gui fault (and not something in my patches) this should be
considered a bug since i´ve been much harder on my cpu for years and never
got this behaviour. Its very annoying. I wonder if the Runtime Error i
reported yesterday might have something to do with this.


>> Hallo!
>>> Im sorry for not being able to give any more info on these errors but
>>> they
>>> seem totally random. The only thing i can add about this second bug is
>>> that wish84's CPU use shoots up when this behaviour starts.
>> I think this can be a PD-GUI problem. Maybe you are writing in an array
>> very
>> often or do something else, where the GUI needs a lot of cpu (use
>> speedlim
>> to avoid such problems ...)
>> Then a lot of strange things can happen which drive you crazy if you try
>> to
>> debug them ...
>> LG
>> Georg
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