[PD] PD 'Hands-On' tutorial

Anton Woldhek woldhek at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 19 21:44:00 CEST 2005

Hi Again,

> Or connect the dots, or whatever youw anna call it. Anways 
> that's the kind of documentation im looking to creating. I 
> hacked up 2 template patches based on the latest PDDP 
> template. It can be found here: 
> http://student-kmt.hku.nl/~anton/pd/ (the Quiz_counter.pd and
> Quiz_counter2.pd)
> Also I'm keeping a list of possible questions to ask here: 
> http://www.puredata.org/Members/Antonw/

What I wanted to add is that im very open to suggestion for possbile new
questions, so please feel free to add them to the list (I havent been able
to figure out how to open the document for other people to edit it yet).
As are any other comments.
Also I forgot to mention that I plan to include solution patches aswell
which will contain a more detailed explaination of the design principles
behind it.


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