[PD] on a pidip tip in ccrma fc3 prob

ydegoyon at free.fr ydegoyon at free.fr
Sun Jun 19 22:57:12 CEST 2005

dominic wrote:

> hi list,
> Im currently trying to build pidip on an fc3 ccrma machine Pd version
> 0.37.1 devel (from the ccrma repo) and i hit a few problems, I gets
> quite far (after lots of help and advice from fernando) but it cant find
> the pd source tree. I tried pointing it to the header files but no joy.
> I get this:-
> [chomp]
> checking for InitMP3 in -lmp3lame... yes
> checking for ogg_stream_init in -logg... yes
> checking for vorbis_analysis_init in -lvorbis... yes
> checking for vorbis_encode_setup_init in -lvorbisenc... yes
> checking for theora_encode_init in -ltheora... yes
> looking for pd sources (required) ... pd source tree not found...
> install it and use the --with-pd=<path> configuration option.
> my config line :-
> ./configure --with-pd=/usr/lib/pd/include
this directory should point to the pd SOURCES files
that you have decompressed somewhere...

like --with-pd=/usr/local/pd-0.37-1

seem what i mean?


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