[PD] recommended video codec

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jun 23 10:22:46 CEST 2005

etienne deleflie wrote:
>> Tried the same tests with Gem? Any difference?
> same kind of results for Gem.
> although I encoded one video using mencoder .... forced ffmpeg mjpg as 
> the codec. Mplayer plays it back with really low cpu (4% or something). 
> Mplayer reports that it is using ffmpeg as the decoder.
> when I try to open that same file in pix_film ... I get a message 
> "ffmpeg: unsurported codec" .......wot? so pix_film is using a different 
> version of ffmpeg? so I downloaded the latest ffmpeg and compiled it. No 
> difference, pix_film still cant read it.
> I got Gem from the demudi apt tree ..... does Gem come with its own 
> version of ffmpeg statically linked inside it or something?

on debian, ffmpeg (libavcodec-dev,...) is only available as static 
Gem will link against these.

however, i think that mplayer links against its own version of ffmpeg 
(and having a look at the marillat's package description for mplayer-586 
i also find that it depends on libavcodeccvs; probably it is worth to 
try to compile against this)


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