[PD] pd-vienna-meeting-05 // 02jul05

martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Thu Jun 23 10:59:07 CEST 2005


the pure data vienna meeting 2005 will take place on

saturday, 02.07.2005 - starting at 16h00

at the
cuisine digitale (5uper.net) / museumsquartier

the plan is to hack, compile, lecture, jam, drink, do video, patch,  
talk, lie in the sun, ... there is no program but several people  
already confirmed that they will present something.

wikiwikitise this:

i'll try to be there a bit earlier so that infrastructure gets set  
up. if anybody wants to join me, you're welcome.


ps: sorry georg, i have no time on the 9th


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