[PD] [hid] users poll

ix at replic.net ix at replic.net
Thu Jun 23 18:06:57 CEST 2005

> >>abs_z5 abs_z6 abs_z7 abs_z8 abs_z9 abs_z10 abs_z11 abs_z12 abs_z13  
> >>abs_z14 abs_z15 abs_z16 abs_z17 abs_z18 abs_z19 abs_z20 abs_z21  
> >>abs_z22 abs_z23 abs_z24 abs_z25 abs_z26 abs_z27 abs_z28 abs_z29  
> >>abs_z30 abs_z31 abs_z32 abs_z33 abs_z34 abs_z35 abs_z36 abs_z37  
> >>abs_z38 abs_z39 abs_z40 abs_z41 abs_z42 abs_z43 abs_z44 abs_z45  
> >>abs_z46 abs_z47 abs_z48 abs_z49 abs_z50 abs_z51 abs_z52 abs_z53  
> >>abs_z54 abs_z55 abs_z56 abs_z57 abs_z58 abs_z59 abs_z60 abs_z61  
> >>abs_z62 abs_z63]. That's more like a normal human Pd patch.

> There are a fixed, finite set of symbols, they are derived from the USB  
> HID spec.

sorry didnt read this whole thread, but why are they symbols and not lists? this almost necessitates regex, and we all know how well that works in PD...

> They are, but with types prepended to keep everything as symbol atoms,  
> e.g. key_253, abs_54, btn_1, etc.

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