[PD] PD 'Hands-On' tutorial

Anton Woldhek woldhek at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 24 09:25:20 CEST 2005

> Its a good start, but much needs to be done.  I like the format, a 
> question and a set of objects.  For beginning exercises, all of the 
> necessary objects should be there.  As the exercises get more 
> advanced, 
> then the objects can just be suggestions.  While I think that 
> using the 
> PDDP templates is a good idea, I don't think we should use the exact 
> templates, rather make workshop/exercise templates.  Ben Bogart has a 
> good start in that regard.
I cant seem to locate Ben's files at the moment
> I just whipped out some sketches of some patches for the very first 
> intro workshop for Pd.  I attached them.

Ok this is a more documentation then exercise kind of patch. Seems good to
start at this level. (In regards to what I was on about with the max
tutorial pdf).

Btw: execution order isnt undefined (as I have no doubt you are well aware
of) but is depend on creation order. I think this is an important aspect of
pd coders to realize well though. It should be brought back in an practical
exercise where the student is given a problematic patch to debug.

Btw2: im not sure if putting a [o] on a [*~] connect to a [osc~ 500] is a
good idea for n00bs. They might ruine their speakers!


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