[PD] split off first path component of osc messages

Lorenz Schori lorenz.schori at gmx.ch
Tue Jun 28 14:23:27 CEST 2005

hallo frank

Am 28.06.2005 um 12:50 schrieb Frank Barknecht:

>> is there a way to split off the first path part of an osc message?  
>> e.g.
>> [OSCfirstpathcomponent]
>> |                     |
>> <number or symbol>    <rest of osc message>
> You can get the <rest of osc message> part using [OSCroute /*],

nope. pattern matching does not work this way around. only incomming  
osc messages can have wildcards.

perhaps an object - i name it [OSCmatch] - would be better for my  
application. arguments would be a single OSC pattern and the outlets  
could be $1 the first partial match, $2 the second, ..., $n the rest  
of the osc message with the arguments. much like regular expressions.  

/4/pitch 33
[OSCmatch /*]
|           |
|           /pitch 33


/table/3/8/store 34.2
[OSCmatch /table/*/*]
|         |         |
3         8         store 34.2

> and to
> get the first element, you could use [s2l /]---[$1( from zexy and
> maybe prepending [symbol $1( to the incoming OSC message. However all
> trailing arguments to the OSC message will be lost in the list, that
> s2l procudes.

thank you, this sort of works. but the problem is the rest of the osc  

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